Sheikh Hasina said that No group will be seen

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has pledged to work for the development of the lives of all the people irrespective of their group.

Sheikh Hasina said the people of Bangladesh are ready to give ‘blood of the chest’ if necessary to improve the quality of the people’s lives and improve their lives.

Sheikh Hasina said this during the victory of Awami League in Suhrawardy Udyan in the third round of the 11th parliamentary elections to celebrate the success of the government.

 “It is more difficult to serve the people by protecting that victory as opposed to achieving victory. We have found that difficult task. The Awami League president said, warning the leaders and activists that they have to fulfill the responsibility.

The Prime Minister pledged to work for everyone regardless of party-related issues, due to the fact that the fate changed.
“We will work to improve the socio-economic condition of everyone. Ensuring political rights, improve the quality of life of every person. There will not be any group and like. Every people every citizen is important to us. People have given us the responsibility to serve them “
Sheikh Hasina said.

Thanking everyone, Sheikh Hasina voted for Awami League in the elections, and those who did not vote.

He said, “I believe, the people of Bangladesh believed that they gave their valuable vote. I will defend this vote.

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