Arsenal’s revenge for Chelsea lost to Chelsea

In the Arsenal Premier League Premier League, Chelsea won a great win. Alexandr Lacajet and Laurent Kosiali took the first round of the honey revenge.

Chelsea hold the ball in the match for the most part, increasing the pressure of the opposition towards the end. In the second half, not to make a good opportunity, the Maorisio Surri team left the field with the fourth rate in the league

Chelsea are in fourth place with 47 points in 23 matches. Arsenal have 13 victories and 44 draws with 44 points.

Hosts beat hosts 2-0 in the afternoon on Saturday at the Merets Stadium. Arsenal defeated Chelsea 3-2 in August.

In the 14th minute of the match, Lacquet scored a great goal by Lacquet. The eighth ball of Beyeriron’s ball increased the ball to the control of the first touch, and trapped Pedro scoring a penalty in the corner of the French forward for the French forward.

Arsenal Kosialini could not touch the head while heading for Greek defender Sukratis Papastartopoulos. But the ball sticks in the net on his shoulder.

Chelsea have not scored a goal before the break. Spanish defender Alonso leaped the ball back to the ball post.

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