Recommendations are hanging over the ‘catering service’ over the year

No decision has been taken if the committee formed before the government formed one year ago to solve the public crisis around ‘food supply service’ in the capital.

Discussion with different parties 26 recommended by the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), seven of them were with the catering service. But in one year these recommendations did not show the face of the light, the committee members expressed anger.

Talking to the committee members, they suggested that the Dhaka City Metropolitan Regional Transport Committee (Metro RTC) be given the responsibility of fixing the number of bus tickets for a company and how many non-seats will be run. The future of the meeting service is now stuck in the Metro RTC.

Meanwhile, because there is no direction in this regard, in the meantime, the transportation of the sectarian service is not far behind, but most of the routes have become ‘catering service’.

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