Neymar’s six rounds of gogo net

Edison Cavani and Kiliyan Mbeepat made a hat-trick. Returning to rest, Neymar made two pairs of goals. Three forwards to fire together, against Ganguo, the revenge of the sweet PSG.

In the 37th minute, Neymar scored a ball with a ball in the right foot and after the end of the first half, the scoreline was 3-0 in the D-box and Mbappe scored.

In the second half, PSG ran into a big win for one goal. In the 59th minute, the ball from Juan Bernard’s cross put the ball into the net with a perfect knuckle. After seven minutes, Anhale de Maria made use of the opportunity made by Scoliston 5-0 to the Uruguay forward.

Neymar scored his second goal in the 68th minute when he hit the ball from Embaip. In the 76th minute, kurjawar made use of opportunity to fill the hat-trick and fill the hat-trick. After four minutes, the ball from Cavani’s perfect cross reached the ball and filled the hat-trick with Russia winning the World Cup Mbappe.

PSG wins 9-0 goals in the league match on Saturday. Belgian defender Toma Moniay scored another goal in the group’s huge win. Tom Tuckel’s team left the Ganguo a few days ago and departed from the quarter-finals of the French League Cup.

Neymar could not double the gap in the 28th minute by scoring the opportunity made by Alves. But then the Embaip pair went straight to the driver’s seat and the league-win trophies.
Neymar took the PSG ahead in the eleventh minute. Danny Alves broke the trap of the off-ball ball of the ball and crossed the defender by crossing the defender, the Brazilian forward.

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