Barca win Messi-Debian at the expense

La Liga champions leave the field with a great win against Legenes. Utsan went ahead in the role of Immanan Barcelona in the first half of the second round. Lionel Messi made a difference, but dropped as a replacement.

The beginning of the match was the start of the match. In the first 15 minutes, the French are afraid to be afraid of opponents at several times. In the 32nd minute, the hosts progress from their advantage.
Barcelona win 3-1 goals in the league match!
Camp Night Camp Night Messi’s team scored the third goal! Luis Suarez’s goal was a big role in five year footballers of the year.

And the right pass shot, the ball is cleared to return the ball by sending the ball into the World Cup winning footballer. Take the ball in the post and go inside. This is his eighth goal in the current league. After finishing a defender, he went to the Dutchman album on the left foot to go to the Du Box.

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